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An Interview with my Daughter

I was having a conversation about my mom with my oldest daughter a couple of nights ago right before bed. She asks me a lot of questions about her from time to time… what was she like, would she have been a good grandma, do I look anything like her (she thinks she does), etc.

Near the end of our chat she tells me, then asks, “I’m really sorry again about your mommy… do you wish that she was still alive?”

I’ve thought a lot about this question and scenario over the years. How my life would have been different if my mother hadn’t passed away so young. I often think about how much she would have loved my wife and my daughters; how much of my life she has missed since she left this earth. So of course, I’ve always wished she was still alive.

But I also believe that where you are in your life right now is due to the choices that you make and events out of your control that may also guide and influence those choices. I certainly made some...

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Morning Routine, Relationship Style!

Let’s face it. As a couple with kids it can be challenging to find quality time with each other. Brandy and I are huge fans of the Miracle Morning book (thank you Hal Elrod!) and proponents of having a morning routine, so when we were looking for other times to connect, we combined forces and decided to create one we could do together. We don’t always accomplish every part of the agenda, but it gives us a format to work from and we always enjoy the time we spend. To note – we also don’t do the activities in the order below.

We call it GAMETIME

G – Gratitude: expressing appreciation for each other goes a long way in growing your connection together. It could be as simple as thanking your partner for something they did for you the previous day (2-3 min).

A – Affirmations: We create affirmations for our relationship and our family together, as well as use the time to share our personal affirmations with each other (1-2 min).

M- Meditation: we are...

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The Sabbatical is Over

We are BACK!!!! Unless you’ve been following Brandy’s personal Instagram Stories (@thebrandysalazar) of our family life, things have been pretty quiet from the Salazars.

The truth is, we’ve been busy turning our lives upside down, inside out, and sideways. As some of you know, we have created online courses for couples with kids; just like us. Naturally, as we put this together, we began reevaluating our own priorities for our marriage and for our family. Our conversations about our core values became more frequent and as honest as they had ever been. It became clear that we were not living our priorities as seriously as we knew we were capable of.

Clearly, we had made a very beautiful life for ourselves, and we are grateful and honored to have had those experiences. However, we had to make some major changes to separate ourselves from the rush and stress of our current life to live the way we truly desired.

We really wanted:
More time together as a couple (now that...

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